The Pancake House in Puerto Vallarta

The Pancake House in Puerto VallartaIn this Around Town webisode, I sat down with Memo, the owner of The Pancake House, in Old Town, Puerto Vallarta. Memo is quite the character and was the first person to do a breakfast only restaurant in Puerto Vallarta. If you’re looking to go out for breakfast this weekend, stop by the Pancake House and introduce yourself to Memo!

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  • Bob ” BZ” Zahner

    Hola Chase…. We’ve known Memo ever since we started coming to Mexico in 1996. Memos Pancake House was one of the first places we went to for breakfast while staying in Old Town Vallarta. He was always ( and still is ) one of the most accomodating and friendly people I have ever met. I highly recommend Memos Pancake House to any and all people who enjoy a great breakfast.

  • Dana Smith

    this is boring

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