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Listen to Stewart and Ryan talk about the safety of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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  • Tricia

    This is SO GREAT!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! AND SOOOOO TRUE!!!!! The white dude is clearly one of our local new casters! Truth be told. The reason WHY they are scaring people not to go to Mexico is because the governments want to keep the billions of dollars that tourists spend in Mexico, at home. I am a Canadian and I have lived in Mexico for the last 4 years. Safest most relaxed beautiful place I have ever experienced and the people are awesome! As a female I’ve NEVER had 1 safety issue.Actually on the contrary, I feel much safer in Mexico than at home in Canada.
    Its time the news STOPS harassing and damaging the poor innocent people of Mexico and start actually reporting the truth that Mexico’s tourist destinations are among the safest in the world!

    • admin

      Thanks Tricia! Glad you liked it. We’re really tired of the sloppy reporting that constantly makes headlines, so we’ve decided to start making media of our own. If you have a Facebook account, be sure to “like” the Simply Vallarta page so you get all the updates when we post new videos!

      • Sabrina Surving

        Love it! Did you also do salsa newbies?

        • Chase

          Thanks for the kind words. Salsa newbies was not us. Is it funny? Link us up!

    • A Blanche

      I agree with you Tricia on the GREAT and FABULOUS but not with what else you wrote. I would ask you to produce proof of that before just making blanket statements about what the government is doing. None of us know what any government is “doing” lets get real.

      Perhaps they don’t know what they are doing either, which is perhaps part of this whole mess….?

      The Mexican media is just as guilty for delivering sensationalized news about these drug-related killings and more. It is not fair to pin this all on the US media. I live in Mexico too, I read their papers. Nearly every day a headline is talking about a death or murder or kidnapping or something else vulgar.

    • bonnie

      I have to agree with you Tricia, Mexico is fantastic for the most of it and the people are much more friendly than our own canadian city. We have a reporter in our family and i truly think that they are such huge liers, they will do anything to cause some news. I get so fed up with his nonsense of reporting. Then i just found out he was going to mexico this winter.

    • Shoogi

      Yeah, all Canadians are experts! Fuck off you ignorant cunt!

      • Dweezlem

        Shoogi, maybe people would take you seriously if you explain your comments… Do you have anything intelligent to say or do you just spout vulgarities and write rude comments to help rid yourself of voices in your head? I’ve looked at your past comments:
        “Moxley, you are a cunt!”. (Very well thought out).
        “you are still a LAME!”. (What is a LAME?).
        “the fella’s there miss your handjobs!”. (Is that what you miss?).
        “Fuck you, Salvadoran goat fucker!”. (Nice imaging).
        “Gustavo is a douchebag!”. (Spell check is your friend).

        You behave like a pre-teen boy; probably fondling yourself and giggling while you type. I don’t think you are a stupid person Shoogi, but you might be possessed by the ghost of a retarded 12 year old.

        • Anonymous

          Haha. Well said.

      • Moss

        And you Shoogi, are a stupid, foul mouthed, inbred, Neo-Nazi hick from Boise. I’d like to leave you with one thought…but that would overwhelm your tiny brain!

  • Paula Hegelund

    I loved this video!! It is time for people to stop and think about this issue. We have been spending our winters in PV for 4 years now and have never had an issue. Everyone is helpful and so nice to us. We drive to PV every year and enjoy the scenery on the ride down with no issues. We use common sense when crossing the border and while we are in Mexico.

    We have been telling this video’s story to people here in the USA who have the same attitude as the white bear hoping to make them think about what they are saying. Most have never even been to Mexico… how would they even know?

  • Loren

    I love the mesage. Keep it up.

    I think there is a tendency by the main stream news media to over-sensationalize bad news in order to gain viewers and sell advertising rather than some kind of grand conspiracy collectively orchestrated by multiple governments.

    I’m from the US. I live in Colorado. My wife and I have owned a condo in La Cruz De Huanacaxtle, about 20Km north of Puerto Vallarta since 2008. We had been visiting the Puerto Vallarta area for a long time and have decided that we will live there when we retire. We have always felt safe in Puerto Vallarta. And yes, in some cases, safer than at home in the US.

    The way the main stream news media attempts to assasinate the character of the wonderful people of Mexico disgusts me. Another examole is the swine flu scare. I don’t know the exact statistics but I suspect that more than a few tourist businesses were wiped out a couple years ago. I don’t believe swine flu even showed up in Puerto Vallarta but if you watched the local news in the US you wouldn’t have dared go near Mexico.

    The people of Puerto Vallarta know that their livelihood depends on the tourists – both foreign and national. They are very proud of their reputation as a nice, safe place to bring the whole family and relax in an idyllic setting and they are committed to taking care of it. Of course, there are bad people everywhere, but the general attitude of the locals in Puerto Vallarta, is “If you hurt the tourists you’re messing with my income and that’s not cool.” That attitude goes a long way to keeping everyone safe.

    Go to Puerto Vallarta, everybody! You will love it there.

    • claire

      And with the sine flu epedemic
      the cruise ships stopped coming to encenada for 45 days
      Guess where they went instead?
      Avalon, sure boosted their economy
      I live in mexico and love it

  • Colin

    The idea and the message are excellent – but I have some doubts about the presentation. The “automaton” voices have little or no character or feeling. They lack light, shade and emphasis which reduces their reality and consequently their impact.
    Perhaps the cartoon format could be retained but using more convincing voices.

    I have heard many people – women in particular – claiming they feel safer here than they do in their “home” cities – a point which needs to be amplified in the US and Canada.
    Unfortunately conflict is always a magnet for the North American media, and generating fear always seems to pay off – whatever the subject. Their viewers and consumers continue to absorb it without giving sufficient thought to the material. The media have a duty to report – but when it comes to Mexico they cannot resist the temptation to revel in the sensationalism.
    Rarely have I seen a columnist anywhere attempting to put matters into proportion.

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  • Shantel dAuteuil

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It made my day! I moved to Vallarta from Vancouver 2 years ago, and everything is, and has been wonderful. I do feel safer here than back in Canada. The people are amazing, the weather is great, and I could not be happier.
    I have to tweet this now.

  • El Consejero

    I’ve have traveled in many parts of Mexico including PV(several times), Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende and several border towns and I have never had a problem. I love Mexico and it is one of our favorite countries to travel to. We always seem to meet great people whether it be the locals or other international travelers from US, Canada, Europe or wherever.

    I, too, am somewhat irritated by the sensationalized BS reports, but the way I look at it maybe these reports helpful in a way. Because those if us in the know will not be swayed and those who buy into it can stay at home. It’s kind of a filtering out process. This way it doesn’t get too over run by obnoxious amateur tourists. There so many savvy experienced tourists and ex-pats down here already that I think the economy will do fine.

    We don’t have to waste time trying to convert these stubborn pessimistic ones if we get them all down here it won’t be the same. :-)

    • admin

      Hi Chris! Yes, we do agree that we don’t need the ignorant people that buy into the biased media down here ruining our paradise, but we do love meeting interesting people from around world and helping them to have an amazing trip. We hope that we can successfully fight back a bit and illuminate some of the unnecessary fear that may be holding some of these awesome people back. Thanks for your comment!

  • Michelle

    I’ve been living here in Mexico for over 5 years! It’s awesome, oh but don’t tell the rest of the people up above the border or we’ll be swamped with ignorant people! Let’s keep this all to ourselves! LOL – I guess posting this isn’t helping keeping it such a good secret! ~

  • http://IntrinsicObservation Azzah

    Kind gentle respectfull people
    Family orientated people
    Cheap to play cheap to live
    Beautiful colorful vibrant country
    Beautiful beaches
    They love fiestas and siestas
    Low keyed no stress
    They enjoy life
    Ancient culture
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    Mostly non poluted food and delicious
    They don’t make their busines my busines
    A smile and a friendly word takes care foyour needs

  • http://IntrinsicObservation Azzah

    7 hours ago
    Kind gentle respectfull people
    Family orientated people
    Cheap to play cheap to live
    Beautiful colorful vibrant country
    Beautiful beaches
    They love fiestas and siestas
    Low keyed no stress
    They enjoy life
    Ancient culture
    Ancient natural healing techniques
    Mostly non poluted food and delicious
    They don’t make their busines my busines
    A smile and a friendly word takes care foyour needs

    • craig zabransky

      seems pretty good to me.

  • Stan

    I’ve found Mexico to be very dangerous…to my waistline. Last year I gained 7 lbs in two weeks in Playa del Carmen and I may gain even more when I spend two weeks in PV in February.

    I look forward to my two weeks in Mexico every year and we are hoping to spend a few months there when we retire. I have never felt in danger while in Mexico (other than from the cheese cake).

  • Gerben

    BEAUTIFULL !!! THANK YOU ! for posting clips like this one !
    Living in Mexico (Progreso,Yucatan) for 5 years now, and it has been the ‘safest’ experience ever ! It is about time that Mexico is getting some positive news,
    we live here totally safe and are not feeling treatend by anything at all !
    Mexico is a HUGE country with so many treasures you can hardly grasp !
    Don’t let 1 negative anouncement scare you away from a time of your live !!!
    Admin. Thanks again & keep on posting !
    Hasta luego !

    • Chase

      Thanks for the support – we’re glad you liked it. We have lots of great ideas for future videos, so be sure to “like” our facebook page at to get all the updates!

  • Severina Beyers

    This is really funny and soooooo true…..I plan to keep it going so I can move back when the tourist start coming back hopefully soon.

    • Chase

      The tourists are back. Get down here!

  • Itza

    HILARIOUS! I’m from from Mexico City but i’m currently living in PV… And i love it! Unfortunatelly media across the border isn’t very gentle when Mexico comes up on the speech… However, we’re still the same friendly people and even when Mexico “seems” to be “far” from perfection, we love our Country and we love to meet people from all over the world and the rest of Mexico and not just bc of their money as tourists, it is also bc we enjoy to experience different cultures; we love to know about them and we like to make them feel home as we expect to be treated with respect and have a good time while traveling…


  • Michael Rosenblum

    So funny, loved the video

  • Laurie Gourley

    So true and very funny. Thanks for making my day!

  • Duane

    200 out of 58,000,000 is actually 0.00034%

    I wonder how this compares to the percentage of visitors to the USA who were killed during the same period.

  • Mary

    Love the video. It is about time someone did something like this. The robot like voices are great. Keep up the good work.

  • Roger Towne

    I have been living in Mexico for 13 years. I have left the sterile USA behind and would not return except under the most dire circumstances. Life is rich here and the people are simply wonderful.

  • Eileen Key

    Thanks for your support in sharing this little cartoon, Dave, which I passed on to you from friends in Mexico. I would LOVE to get in touch with the folks who answered this and live in PV. I probably know you anyway! After 30 years of visiting Mexico, all over this fabulous and diverse country, I have never been robbed, never felt threatened, and can throw back the little insults, innuendos and silly stuff that occur every night in the barrio, with a smile and a laugh and bad Spanish. I feel safer at night in Puerto Vallarta than I do in downtown Portland, where I understand people are shot by the police, not the drug lords!

    • Chase

      Hi Eileen, thanks sharing our video! We live in Puerto Vallarta and would love to meet for a drink some time. It’s always nice to meet fellow Vallartians! You can email us at any time.

  • maria josé zorrilla alcala

    Its great to see that there are smart people with the ability to analyze the situation. Vallarta is safe and secure. Criminality here is lots less than in the United States. I have recently been to Miami and after 6pm its scary to walk anywhere in Vallarta, life starts early and ends up late, never to worry to walk at any time. Sun, beach, canopy, biking, horse back riding, partying is as safe as ever. Come and see the true lives of the pacific mexican people around this area. Stay at our place downtown vallarta for very reasonable prices and enjoy the day and night life over here:

  • Pat Henry

    This was super!!! After more than 13 wonderful years here, this is “home,” and I love telling people how great it is and why I am here. Thank you for putting it into perspective and with humor. One to send to all those folks up north who keep writing to me asking if I’m okay and not worried. Well done and thank you!!

  • MackNCAT

    LOVE IT!!!

    Only 2286 days till we make our move!!

  • Baja baby

    I never knew life until I learned death
    I found that true living takes more then mere breath
    A day shy of action for measuring the cost
    Is a day short of living and another day lost.
    If you spend all your time fearing to die
    you’ll never have lived and you’ll never know why.
    Living takes courage that few people show,
    but it brings satisfaction like few people know.
    When a soul dies hungry, fruits of life untasted,
    It’s another life ended and another life wasted.
    You can spend your days laughing
    You can spend your days crying
    You can spend your life living
    You can spend your lifetime dying.
    So do’t waste your life fearing what’s ahead.
    For fearing to live proves you’re already dead.
    So be sure to love yourself and your family and friends.
    So enjoy living your life and don’t ever fear the end.

    Living and loving Baja Mexico for 12 years. I fear walking across a parking lot in the US more then I do driving in this beautiful country. So watch your local news and see all the crime that is in your own neighborhood. Close your windows lock your doors and hide in the corner of your house and I will go on living in Mexico not fearing death. I will sit on the beach and watch the sunrise on another beautiful Baja Mexico Day. Adios

    • MandyinJax

      What a beautiful poem. Who wrote it? Did you?

    • Titti

      Did you write this?
      It’s sensational.

      • Chase

        I did indeed. Thanks for the kind words!

  • Bad Ronald

    What a hoot! Have sent on to my children who worry too much about me.

  • Golfnut

    Please stop telling everyone how great it is in PV. I’d just as soon let people think it’s dangerous so we don’t get any more crowded than it is already. Great video though!!

  • Ed Garnett

    We moved to Mexico (Ajijic, JAL) two and a half years ago. We had lived in the same house for over 32 years and in the same state for 59 years, so this was a huge paradigm shift for us.
    This is our best move ever. We have made so many new friends (American, Canadian and Mexican). We love and appreciate the people, families, culture, language, fresh fruits and vegetables, weather, the open markets, the adventuresome spirit of the ex-pats, etc., etc.) We thought the reason to move here was the cost of living, but now, it is way down on our list of reasons to live here.
    In our time here, have the reports of violence (mostly in border cities and border states) increased? YES. Is there any violence in our area? Yes, Guadalajara, a city of almost 5 million is only 30-40 miles away…so it’s kinda like living just outside of Houston, LA or Chicago…I won’t even mention Detroit or East St. Louis or D.C.
    Our everyday life (we go out walking or shopping or dining or playing tennis or mountain climbing every day) has not changed one iota. We live in the middle of the Mexican village in a Mexican adobe house, not in some isolated, segregated Can/Am gated community. The Mexicans in our neighborhood are out every day…sweeping the sidewalk, sweeping the cobblestone streets (yes, they are clean), walking to the carnicería or panadería, and talking to neighbors. They are incredibly gracious and friendly and well mannered.
    If you are not an incredibly open, gracious, accepting, adventuresome and loving person, then YES, Mexico is an EXCEEDINGLY dangerous place (the entire country) and I suggest you ‘hunker’ down in your house in Everyplace, USA and stay there. We will survive the best we can down here. Don’t worry about us and y’all take care now, ya’ heah !

  • Yolonda

    Just a little note to say that we enjoyed the video. I’m a tour operator here in Mexico and have several offices in the Copper Canyon, a tourist zone that has been hard hit by the horrific American news coverage of the ‘dangers’ here. I am an American and have lived here in Mexico, in rural towns in the canyons, for 12 years now. The business’s here are suffering greatly from the tourist drop off and it saddens me to see the damage being caused by such misinformation as your video points out.

    Congrats on the clip and I’ll be sure to post it on our Face book page and I’ll tweet it out as well @AmigoTrails. If anyone wants to follow us for more great and accurate Mexico information you are welcome.


  • GTiaggio

    I am from mexico, and I ran away off Mexico. Please do not compare Mexico against US. Here is more safety than Mexico. You should live in the cities, That is where is the crime.Puerto Vallarta town is now belong to the narcos, if you go to Puerto Vallarta stay in Nuevo Vallarta. That is where all comments are come from. Please do not confuse Puerto Vallarta with Nuevo Vallarta, there is a huge difference. Ajijic,Jal, it is a great place to live. Here in the United States I have never been unsafe. At Mexico (Guadalajara) I’ve got robbed 4 times, 4 vehicles got stolen. Here, I left my keys in the car during the night, and nothing happens. I challenge you guys to do it in Mexico. Try to go to Acapulco,Mexico city,Monterrey,Tijuana,Ciudad Juarez and see what happens. The crime happens in where you lived.

    • James

      Maybe you can do that in Beverly Hills CA, try doing it in downtown Houston, or Detroit, or Chicago, or Vancouver, or … and you may end up taking the bus back home.

    • Carmen

      I think this TGiaggio guy does not know what he is saying about PV.

      I have lived in the center of Vallarta for nearly 9 years and I am very happy. People here are really nice and I have never felt afraid walking at night in town.
      Talking to my many foreign friends, they all agree that life is good here, the place they call home. As any growing city, there are some problems, such as increasing traffic and some burglaries, but nothing that would not happen in any growing area in the US. Vallarta might not be a perfect place, which city is?

      If PV was a dangerous place, we would have left by now in order to protect our lives from “the narcos that control the place” – jajaja.
      Don´t you think the population would decrease instead of growing?

      Most foreigners who have been here in the past, are still coming and loving it, not attacking it as this Mexican guy is.

      Puerto Vallarta is a great place to be and the only way to know it is to come and see it for yourselves.

    • CorvusBellator

      This is the typical rant from someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. I’ve lived in Puerto Vallarta (not Nuevo Vallarta) for 20 years and I haven’t got mugged one single time. Nor any vehicle of anyone I know of has been stolen (there are car thefts, but the rate is way lower than the average city). Crime exists everywhere and I dare anyone that has lived in the US and Puerto Vallarta to tell that he/she had to go back to where they came from due to Vallarta’s lack of safety. Poor stupid soul, please start working and stop making a fool of yourself.

  • happy in San Blas

    I have lived in Mexico for three almost your years with my huband and our kids. All of us love it here and have never felt threatened or unsafe. Even when I went to Guadalajara I never felt unsafe. Many people talk about the violence but like the locals say. Most of the violence is between the drug gangs and not against just anybody. Usually the victim is mixed up in something they shouldnt be.
    I feel that Mexico is having growing pains just like some of the big cities in the US had. Remember when there were so many drive by shootings in LA. It isn;t like that any more and I feel that Mexico is going to come out of this even more beautifu and a heck of a lot stronger than it ever has been. I LOVE MEXICO!

  • BajaDulces

    This is true of most places in Mexico — we have lived on and off about 20 miles south of Ensenada for the past 25 years. A family emergency led us to live in Baltimore, where I grew up, for 2 years recently and I found the violence, drug use and random shootings much more frightening than anything I have experienced in Mexico. We, too, have traveled throughout Mexico and have never experienced any difficulties. It is disheartening to see the misrepresentations and exaggerations that seem to occur daily.
    Viva Mexico.

  • Dana

    I’ve lived in Baja Mexico full time for the last 9 years, and love it. It’s a wonderful place to live. I feel safer here than when we have to go to the U.S. for doctors’ appointments. It’s a crime what the US media has done to this country. If you are not involved with drugs in any way, you are safe. On the other hand, if you come looking for problems, you will probably find them. People come here thinking there are no rules. If you wouldn’t do it in the US, don’t do it here.

  • Cooking in Mexico

    It seems the American press did too good a job, better than the Canadian press. Many Americans stayed home this winter. The Canadians are here in Puerto Vallarta, partying, sunning, dancing, eating… having a great time in the sun instead of shoveling snow.


  • Mildred Moss

    I visited Mexico (Guanajuato) during the swine flu stupidity. I always stay at Casa Pita. It was the first time since I’ve been staying there that I was the only guest for two weeks. I couldn’t believe it. Guanajuato is crowded year round, but the clubs, the stores, the hotels, the outdoor cafes were deserted. There was no swine flu, absolutely none. I love Mexico, and I hated the American press. Now, they are making a big deal out of the narcos. No, I don’t want to go to the border towns or Juarez or even Monterray. But that leaves a lot of Mexico to visit and to love. Have the newshounds no sense of right vs. wrong. How far will they go to trash the best place on earth? It makes me sick.

  • Will Wyckoff

    I haven{t lived in Mexico for many years nor have I visited there since 1988. However, my experience when I did live there for approximately 3 yrs. was one of the major turning points of my life. The people there taught me honor as well as what family values should be. Theirs are a far cry from and much superior to those of this country. I too was warned in the early 1970s not to go to Mexico because of the danger of being mugged, or cheated, or worse. None of those things ever happened and I went everywhere in the country besides living and working in Mexico City. The weather was wonderful. The towns and cities were beautiful although trashier than similar areas of the U.S. The people were welcoming, warm, and helpful everywhere I went. I’ve been back several times to visit since I left in 1972 though not recently. My Mexican friends in this country tell me, “Yes, the country has changed. “Yes, there are drugs all over the country, but primarily in the larger cities. And, yes, it’s a peaceful life if you’re watchful and at least a bit careful about where and when you go to certain places.” But they also tell me that Americans are not singled out as targets for the drug traffickers. What’s happening there is the fighting between rivals just as street gangs fight in the U.S. And, just as in the U.S., if one is at the wrong place at the wrong time, he might find himself between two rival gangs shooting at anyone and anything that moves because they are both fighting for their lives and their domination of the drug trafficking in that area. And one might get caught between the gangs and the police, just as could happen in the U.S. with street gangs in, for instance, LA. So, think about it.

  • guest

    I feel really safe in Mexico, especially in Puerto Vallarta. Im currently staying at Oasis Hostel ( and even though its a 15 minute walk from Centro I feel very safe walking home at night. The locals are always friendly and helpful, I havent been harassed once. I think its a beautiful city and its a shame that more people dont visit it. In reality Ive been here for a month now and I feel more safe here than I do back home in Seattle.

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