Mexico Today Updates: July

Pueblos Magicos: Pátzcuaro, Michoacán is Known as the “Door to Heaven”:

The natives from the area use to say that Pátzcuaro was the place where heaven’s doors opened and the gods ascended to the sky. Its original name Tzacapu-ansucutinpatzcuaro actually means “door to heaven”. Read More >>

Monterrey International City of Knowledge (MICK) Program to turn Monterrey, Mexico into a “knowledge based economy”:

The state of Nuevo León, Mexico is taking steps to modernize their technological and informational capabilities. Monterrey, Mexico the capital city of Nuevo León, has launched the Monterrey International City of Knowledge (MICK) Program in order to promote the development of innovative new ways of economic growth. Read More >>

BMW Delivers Electric Mini Coopers for Mexico City Project:

The German automaker BMW delivered 12 models of the electric Mini Cooper , Mini Es, to high profile individuals, such as government officials and researchers in Mexico City. Read More >>

Learning About Life on Mars – the Chihuahuan Desert:

Scientists turn to the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico to study Mars due to its comparable inhospitable features. The Chihuahuan Desert shares similar characteristics with the surface of Mars, such as extreme temperatures, high ultraviolet light and dunes are very similar to the area of Mars’ Gale crater, where NASA’s Curiosity rover will land in August. Read More >>

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