Mexico Today Updates: August

Mexican Food Cart Makes 101 Best Places to Eat around the World:

A global survey deserves a global panel of judges. So when Newsweek decided to compile the finest, oddest, most memorable dining hotspots from Australia to Monaco, we gathered 53 luminary chefs to help us with the task. They’ve highlighted 101 eateries, from smoky Basque bars to bustling Asian markets. Read More >>

Mexico’s Aerospace Industry Rocketing:

From 2006-2011, Mexico’s aerospace industry more than doubled in size. Exports of aircraft and related parts topped $4.3 billion last year. Read More >>

BMW Delivers Electric Mini Coopers for Mexico City Project:

The German automaker BMW delivered 12 models of the electric Mini Cooper , Mini Es, to high profile individuals, such as government officials and researchers in Mexico City. Read More >>

Pueblos Magicos: The desert town of Cuatro Ciénegas sits near the beautiful oases of Coahuila:

The colonial town of Cuatro Ciénegas, a recent addition to Mexico’s Magical Towns, is located in the Northern Mexican state of Coahuila and sits next to a unique environmental landscape, known by biologists as “a showplace for biodiversity.” Early settlers named the town Cuatro Ciénegas, meaning “four marshes,” for its natural springs, which create an extensive area of wetlands located in the middle of the Mexican desert. Read More >>

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